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WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) High CPU Usage

You may have seen that WMI Provider Host High CPU usage. At the point when the CPU usage in Task Manager shoots up, your PC backs off. Numerous Windows 10 clients are reporting this issue too, you're not the only one. Annoying as it appears, you can fix the high CPU usage issue independent from anyone else.

1: Run Virus Scan

Now and again, the guilty party is infection or malware. You simply need to run your antivirus program to get it fixed. In the event that you haven't done it yet, you ought to do it at the present time.

In the event that your PC distinguish any undesirable projects or applications, expel them totally from your PC, and restart a while later. This method can fix many errors Including this site can’t be reached.

2: Boot into Safe Mode with Networking

Troubleshooting in Safe Mode will better enable you to segregate and distinguish the guilty parties:

1) On your console, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously, at that point type msconfig in the pursuit box and press Enter.

2) Go to Boot tab, at that point tick the crate for Safe boot, and select Network choice. Snap Apply and OK to spare.

3) Make sure that you have spared your records and information, at that point snap Restart to enter Safe Mode.

4) When in Safe Mode, press the Windows logo key and X simultaneously, at that point select Windows PowerShell (Admin).

5) Then type the following order in and press Enter.

msdt.exe - id MaintenanceDiagnostic

You will see a troubleshooting window spring up. Snap Next to allow the to troubleshooting run.

In the event that the troubleshooter recognizes some issue with your framework, at that point adhere to the instructions to get it fixed.

6) Still in the PowerShell window, type in the following order and press Enter.

msdt.exe/id PerformanceDiagnostic

You'll see a Performance troubleshooting window spring up, simply click Next to continue with the troubleshooting.

In any case, on the off chance that you see the notice telling you that something should be changed in your framework, do as the framework instructs you to do.

7) When the troubleshooting procedure finishes, you have to boot into ordinary state of mind. Rehash stage 1). At that point go to Boot tab and void the case for Safe boot. Snap Apply and OK to spare and exit. Restart your PC into ordinary mode.

3: Restart WMI Provider Host Service

Now and again, the issue is with WMI Provider Host Service occupying a lot of your PC assets. You can restart it:

1) On your console, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously, at that point type in the hunt box services.msc and press Enter.

2) Press W key to quick find Windows Management Instrument administration. Right-click it and select Restart.

3) Now press Windows key and X simultaneously, select Command Prompt (Admin).

Note: If you're with Windows 10 Creators Update, you have to type cmd.exe in the inquiry bar and right-click the Command Prompt alternative and select Run as administrator.

4) In the Command Prompt window, type in the following directions and press Enter after each order.

net stop iphlpsvc

net stop wscsvc

net stop Winmgmt

net beginning Winmgmt

net beginning wscsvc

net beginning iphlpsvc

5) Restart your PC after the directions.